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Gunther Roiss

Project Manager

Professional Project Manager and Interim Leader in the Pharmaceutical Field and in Medical Device Engineering

I am a highly experienced project and process manager keen to deliver in challenging work environments. As a driven professional, I possess analytical and leadership skills and the ability to integrate into teams.

Dr. Gunther Roiss

Project Manager

Effective and successful project management

I specialise in small to medium-size projects in the pharmaceutical field and medical device engineering. Existing projects deemed lost or cancelled are restructured and thus led to a successful conclusion. When taking on new projects, I focus on LEAN project management as well as a realistic risk analysis and anticipatory measures. I am proud of having brought every single project to a successful close. (Find sample projects here in English or German.)

Process Manager

Specialised process analyst

Employing my natural analytical skills, my practical approach and years of experience, I am able to quickly evaluate processes and discover the roots of problems or bottlenecks. I specialise in man-machine processes often occurring in pharmaceutical and medical engineering. (Select sample projects are available here in English or German.)


Vast experience in GMP
(Galenics, solids, steriles, packaging, laboratory)

I have over 15 years of experience as a project manager in the pharmaceutical field and I am able to cover projects in galenics, solids, steriles, packaging, the incoming goods and analytical laboratories. In addition, I have been hired repeatedly as an interim leader in accordance with art. 12 of the Ordinance for the Manufacture of Medicinal Products and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (AMWHV ยง12). (For sample projects, click here for English or German.)

Medical Devices

Expertise in medical engineering
(development, feasibility studies and production)

Ever since I studied to become an engineer, I have always been drawn to medical engineering. It is in this field that some of my most rewarding and demanding projects were implemented and concluded successfully. (E.g. project no. 12, details here in English or German.)

References by CEOs and upper management available upon request.

Absolutely fair daily rates based on the requirements of your project scope.

Please contact me via a personal reference or via email: